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BGHS upscale project PNG

I'm back with latest image updates, including all default cards + scenes in-game. All by default will be upscaled at 8K resolution and using lossless PNG instead of old lossy JPG so it will have much larger file size. You can found it at here: Reddit

Leapdroid FAQ

Leapdroid FAQSince Leapdroid is shut down so I make this FAQ if anyone need it. If you have a question, just comment in this page.
Q: What make Leapdroid outperform other emulators?
A: This emulator use much less CPU resource than other emulator
Deep explaination: While other emulators running with n + 1(1) core, Leapdroid only use n core so you will have big advantage on dual core CPUs compared to other emulators. Also their DirectX engine is fully implemented so you will not have extra CPU usage like other emulators.
(1): This extra core is used for screen rendering.

Q: What is Leapdroid default ADB URL?
A: localhost:5555. Leapdroid device name is emulator-5554

Q: I can't find Leapdroid on the internet anymore
A: Yes, the emulator is dead but you can grab my modded version here:
More info: You can't use GPS anymore because Leapdroid have shut down their GPS server.

Q: Hey! Leapdroid broke my game with…

LeapDroid focus steal patch

I notice when clicking outside the LeapDroid window, it will become very laggy and I search around Google and found this patch.

This patch is created by cosote, one of the official MyBotRun developer

LeapDroid modded by max20091

This is the second Android emulator modded by myself

Totally debloated
Tweaked for increasing speed
Pre-installed Busybox 2.15.1 and SuperSU 2.78
Updated Google Play Store to version 7
And removed annoying navigation bar

Download here:

Bluestacks 2.0.2 build 5623 modded by max20091 June/3/2016

This is the second first emulator modded by myself

Moved from default Bluestack launcher to custom one
Tweaked for speed
Pre-installed Busybox and SuperSU

Download here:

iTools Airplayer English translated version

This is an English version of iTools Airplayer translated by myself
This is old version and currently only support up to iOS 9, newer version support iOS 10 but also require a app while old version does not.

Bonjour (inside iTunes installer)

Download link:

KEmulator 1.0.3 Modded

This is the latest version that I have modded myself with less bug and better performane + sensor api

Not playable with S60 JAR, only allow S40 JAR

If you want to play with landscape, you need a JAR app that support landscape mode and switch to landscape resolution in KEmulator option

Download link: