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Behind the scenes of BGHS Upscale Project

These are few images was created during making this project
Raiding Live2D server to search for high res Flora image Original resolution Live2D birthday downloaded while raiding Live2D server Loli Asuha chibi game asset Coding the upscale tool used in the project Upscale tool file structure Tool is running (RAM used is much bigger than what you see here, usually 8GB at least) The result Left is original resolution and right is upscaled to 8K
 (The result you see here is much different than the actual file due to low res screenshot)
 The project total size (long time ago)

Ultrasurf - The free and lightweight proxy for Windows (Now also available on Android too)

Ultrasurf is a free product provided by Ultrareach, originally created to help internet users in China bypass The Great Firewall and now it is the one of most popular tool to keep privacy and gain access to any websites.

- Ultra-lightweight: you don't need to setup, only one file and you can even put it to a USB stick.- Protect your privacy online:strong end-to-end encryption, have clear browsing history, cookies.
- Easy as 123: Just open the app and start surfing the web right away!
- It's free!: No virus, no bundleware, no stupid surveys

Download link:Windows:



Ultrasurf running on Windows 10
Ultrasurf for Android Beta