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BlueStacks 3 All fix guide

This guide does not apply to Intel GPU due to massive driver bug
This guide is mostly focused on AMD GPU which using Radeon Settings, NVIDIA GPU use NVIDIA Control Panel
How to hook HD-Frontend.exe in Radeon Settings1. [Recommended] Update your driver to latest version 2. Go to Gaming tab > Add > Browse 3. Select HD-Frontend.exe (usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\BlueStacks) Enable VSync 1. Go to Gaming tab > HD-Frontend.exe 2. Find Wait for Vertical Refresh and turn it on Shader bug Have you ever tired with shader bug on BlueStacks that broke your game? This guide will tell you how to fix this.

1. Start BlueStacks 2. Open Engine Settings and switch Graphic mode to DirectX (mostly) or OpenGL mode 3. Restart BlueStacks
[Optional] AMD GPU shader cache fix and improve perfomance guide (GCN 1 GPU or above) 1. Go to Gaming tab > HD-Frontend.exe 2. Find Shader Cache and turn it on 3. Go to C:\Users\%InsertUsernameHere%\AppData\Local\AMD\ 4. Clear all files in DxCache and GLCache